Is this the most anti-police candidate ever?

anti-police candidate Ashley Sparkle

Meet Sparkle Ashley, candidate for county supervisor in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, and quite possibly the most anti-police candidate ever to run for public office. From a disorderly conduct arrest to extreme anti-cop Facebook rants, Ms. Ashley minces no words when it comes to her thoughts on police officers.


Is Sparkle Ashley the most anti-police candidate ever?

Ms. Ashley’s hatred for police officers was recently exposed after a 2014 cop-bashing Facebook post emerged in which she encouraged all Milwaukee police officers to commit suicide. “Every day that I am alive my hatred grows for the Milwaukee Police Department! I have never had a good experience no matter the circumstances! I have an idea, how about all you dumb (expletives) jump off the highest building in downtown Milwaukee! No one will miss you I promise! #(expletive)thepolice.” Ms. Ashley quickly made a lackluster apology after local media reported the story, saying she regretted the language she used.


2013 disorderly conduct incident

It’s possible Sparkle Ashley may have a personal grudge against the police that feeds her hatred of law enforcement. On August 8, 2013, Ashley was pulled over by Milwaukee police near her home. Upon reaching her vehicle, the officers noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from Ashely’s vehicle. According to the police report, when questioned about the odor, Ms. Ashley became, “boisterous and profane”, and refused to put away her cellphone after the officers repeatedly told her to do so. “You can’t (expletive) do this,” Ashley told the officers according to the police report. “I’m a (expletive) social worker!” After fighting with the officers and screaming profanities at them, Ashley was finally arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Sparkle Ashley, from her unique name to her colorful use of hateful language, would be an almost comical character if she wasn’t a candidate for elected office. Sparkle Ashley is possibly the most anti-police candidate ever to run for office. Police officers simply cannot afford to have local leaders who are openly hostile toward them. Local government is the most critical when it comes to police-related issues. Thus it is important that we elect local leaders of integrity who support police officers and their mission to serve and protect. Candidates like Sparkle Ashley should come nowhere near public office because leaders who are openly hostile toward law enforcement only make police officers’ jobs more dangerous and thankless.

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Photo: Sparkle Ashley campaign website