Three Examples of Elected Officials Throwing Cops Under the Bus

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It’s the sad reality in America today. Politicians across the country are taking advantage of the growing anti-police culture in our society by throwing police officers under the bus whenever it suits their political needs. Indeed, opportunistic politicians are one of the greatest threats facing America’s law enforcement community as they feed the fire of anti-police bias that has become all too prevalent in our culture. Don’t believe us? Here are three examples of opportunistic politicians throwing cops under the bus for political points. 

Pete Buttigieg plays the race card in South Bend police shooting

In June, the fatal shooting of Eric Jack Logan by a South Bend, Indiana police officer set off a firestorm in the city and the race for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. On Sunday, June 16, South Bend police received a dispatch about a suspicious person going through cars at around 3:30 AM. South Bend Police Sgt. Ryan O’Neill responded to the scene. According to an IndyStar report, “Officials said Logan stepped out of the vehicle with a knife in his hand and approached O’Neill with the weapon raised. O’Neill stepped back and ordered Logan to drop the weapon, police say. When Logan did not comply, O’Neill was forced to shoot Logan who suffered fatal injuries. 

In response to the shooting, South Bend Mayor and Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg seemed to point to race as a factor in the shooting as he explained that his efforts to hire more minority police officers in the city had failed. As if race had anything to do with O’Neill’s decision to protect himself from a knife-wielding suspect who refused to drop the weapon and diffuse the situation. Race had nothing to do with the shooting of Eric Logan, as Mayor Pete knows. However, Buttigieg seemed all too eager to bring up the issue of race and add fuel to the racial tensions already boiling over in his city. 

Police Officer Under the Bus - Official shouting - National Police Support Fund

Chicago DA gives Jussie Smollett a pass

After weeks of investigation in the case of Jussie Smollett, the disgraced actor accused of staging a hate crime “hoax” in Chicago over the winter, the Chicago District Attorney’s Office inexplicably dismissed all charges against the actor and sealed the case files. 

The case ignited a nationwide firestorm during and after the investigation. Indeed, the evidence against Smollett was overwhelming and included a damning video of Smollett on the night of the alleged attack in which he appeared to lie to police officers about the incident. 

After filing a 16 count indictment against Smollett, the Chicago District Attorney’s Office, led by District Attorney Kim Foxx, dismissed the charges which set off a barrage of criticism from the Chicago Police Department and former Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel, who is far from a friend to law enforcement, called the dismissal of charges against Smollett a “whitewash of justice” while police superintendent Eddie Johnson attacked Foxx for not holding the actor accountable for his actions. 

Foxx, for her part, has remained largely silent on the issue, likely hoping that it will disappear like so many other incidents of government corruption in the Windy City. Fortunately, Smollett remains guilty in the court of public opinion. However, Foxx’s decision to dismiss the charges against Smollett is yet another glaring example of a public official showing total disregard for the tireless work of law enforcement to seek justice. 

Chicago Mayor calls FOP official a “clown”

In July, newly elected Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was caught on a hot mic calling one of the city’s FOP officials a “clown” before a city council meeting. In response to her words being caught on her mic, Lightfoot immediately apologized, saying “I’m sorry I said that out loud.” 

While Mayor Lightfoot’s comments may not be as serious as an Indiana Mayor stoking racial tensions by blaming police officers, or a district attorney dismissing charges against an accused criminal after a long and thorough investigation, they do illustrate the widespread contempt against police officers on the part of some politicians. National Police Support Fund remains committed to identifying and calling out politicians who use anti-police rhetoric to further their political ambitions. We will never stop calling out opportunistic politicians when they throw our brave police officers under the bus. 

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