June 2020 News Roundup - National Police Support Fund

What a month. Police officers have faced a global pandemic, protests, riots, looting, and verbal and physical attacks, all while trying to continue to protect

NPSF - Op Ed Simon Lewis

Every time you turn on the news, there is a report of someone arrested for vehicular manslaughter, domestic abuse, or worse- murder. At times, what

New Jersey Burnout Bill - National Police Support Fund

A proposal making its way through New Jersey’s legislature would allow police officers and firefighters to retire after 20 years of service, citing the extreme

Bail Reform - National Police Support Fund

Before COVID-19 hit, cities across the country were considering changes to bail bond programs that, in some cases, would make it easier for people convicted

News Roundup - National Police Support Fund

Our men and women in blue dealt with an onslaught of hardship and disrespect this month. One of the most egregious was local and state

NPSF - Op Ed Simon Lewis

States across the country are finding a convenient excuse in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to push liberal agendas and release prisoners from jails and detention centers

Taking Care of First Responders During COVID-19

As cities and states across the country begin to reopen, the work of police officers and first responders will become even more important to ensure

Restore Respect Petition - National Police Support Fund

For years, America’s law enforcement officers have been disrespected and, the problem is only getting worse. Every day, cops are being demeaned and attacked, and

Press Release - National Police Support Fund

ALEXANDRIA, VA – National Police Support Fund, a national grassroots organization based in Alexandria, VA, is pleased to announce the overwhelming success of their nationwide

NPSF - Op Ed Bill Casey

This week, in fact, was supposed to be 2020’s National Police Week –  scheduled to take place May 12th through the 16th. But due to